Our preschool dance class is available to little aspiring dancers aged 2 and up. The morning classes consist of three main dance styles which all help to build coordination, team work, communication skills, confidence and focus. The most important aspect of our classes is FUN! Whether it be singing, marching, shaking instruments or pointing our feet the paramount thing of this class is to leave with a bigger smile than you came with!


Ballet is perhaps the most desirable of classes that little dancers like to join. This genre places a lot of focus on strength, most importantly feet and core. This makes ballet even more beneficial for a little dancer as they are still exploring and developing their fine motor skills. In our ballet classes we find exciting and engaging ways to aid their physical and mental development, always having time to get the fairy wands and other exciting props out of the magic box.


Tap is another fun genre for little ones to join in on. As well as being a very noisy form of dance we learn how to be rhythmical whilst also stamping about. Rhythm is very important in dance and tap is the fundamental essence of this allowing our movements to be heard. We find that our tiny tappers find great joy in their noisy tap shoes, using musical instruments and dancing to silly and fun pieces of music.


Modern is the style of dance that supplies the flexibility to a dancer. This is an extremely fun class involving different exercises to aid stretching, performance and movement. We spend a lot of time using stamina to help with fitness, imagery while doing an exercise to help with communication skills and imagination and also dances in small groups helping with confidence.