We offer a vast range of classes including ballet, tap, modern, performance (street and musical theatre) and our very own competition team. Each style of dance has different benefits for your child; be it flexibility, core strength, confidence or just for fun and meeting new friends!


Ballet is perhaps the most desirable of classes that aspiring dancers like to join. This genre places a lot of focus on strength, most importantly feet and core, also helping with posture. Ballet is the arguably the foundation of dance, its emphasis  on technique, control, strength and musicality helps to build a strong base for other genres.  In our ballet classes we find exciting and engaging ways to aid their physical and mental development. 


Our tap dance classes are designed to inspire creativity, and motivate your child to dance with passion. As well as rhythm and musicality, which are the initial benefits of this genre of dance, tap also helps to strengthen muscles while increasing balance and coordination. Tap is interesting and its use of intricate movements and sounds help to aid finer motor skills while children are still developing. 



Modern dance helps to increase stamina and flexibility. This uptempo style of dance proves a real favourite amongst many students because of its jazzy feel and use of fun music. Modern requires a lot of mobility in the body focusing on feet, legs, core, arms and head. This is beneficial as it promotes whole body awareness and control, increasing proprioception and stability. 


Our performance classes combine street dance and musical theatre into one dynamic class. Each week our students focus on a new skill to help with their performance. This could be singing, acting workshops, group improvisation, dance routines, new dance skills and tricks etc. At the end of each term these new skills will be combined to form a performance piece for parents to watch in watching week. As well as the technical aspects, this is a very fun and confidence boosting class for all involved! We have two levels available to help accommodate younger and older performers, please contact us to find out which level your child would be in. 



Our festival team runs by invitation only. We find this helps to increase determination, drive therefore improvement in class. Your child will be invited to join our team if they have great class attendance, excellent behaviour, teamwork skills, confidence, performance qualities, good flexibility, technique and respect. Parental support is also key to be part of the festival team. Your child will be selected at the start of term to attend festival classes either to learn solo/duet/trio or group dances, you will be notified as to what they have been chosen to do. Festivals are a great opportunity to increase performance experience, receive constructive criticism to help enhance a dancer, boost confidence and motivation from learning that you may not always win and showcasing your hard work, time and effort. 



If your child shows great progress and a high level of knowledge of the syllabus they will be entered for an exam in that specific genre/grade. Exams are not compulsory but they give a child a great sense of achievement. Extra coaching sessions may be necessary to ensure your child achieves their best, this will be discussed upon notification of exam. Studio R Dance Academy is proud to enter students for ISTD exams, ISTD is one of the world's leading dance examination boards. We have already had great success with students receiving high results in ballet, tap and modern exams in the past year.